Google Secrets and Your Website

What Wikipedia is for citing a source, Google is to internet searches. Over time, Google has acquired a god-like status over the internet for literally anything you need. If you ask about a restaurant, the search result with throw up a map, contact information, authentic customer reviews so that you don’t need to do any other research.

In order for your website to appear in the above-mentioned search result, then, it is imperative that you optimize it for search engines. There is a lot of information out there on how this can be achieved. However, the biggest secret tips and tricks on staying relevant come from Google itself.

Google Secrets

This is the age of the internet, there is really no such thing as a secret. Despite what many people believe, websites have published a lot of information to help out business owners. These secrets will help improve your Google ranking or Google Ranking verbessern. If your website is nor relevant, you won’t get results – they could be in search listings, or even in your sales if you are a business owner.

  1. Have a plan for your visitors – a clear call to action on your site (for retailers it is the usual “click here to buy”). This ensures that visitors browsing your site are directed where you want them to go.
  2. Big and bold – this is a design trick, but something big and flashy is more likely to get attention than an insignificant hyperlinked text that is the same coluor as the rest of the content. Even if you have to hire someone to design this for you, remember that clicks mean conversions and conversions mean cash!
  3. Clean up! – a cluttered website with widgets and whatnots hanging around at every corner is visually disturbing and will probably lead to runaways and not visitors. So if you need people to stay on and read your content, watch the videos, buy stuff, then make sure your interface is clean, and easy to navigate.

These tips will help you improve your site’s Google ranking effectively and also make your site more successful. A win-win for all!

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“WHY” of SEO

Web pages are most crucial part of online business. Without great web pages, it’s difficult or impossible to prosper in the business. Websites that are not designed to follow the norms and standards, it becomes difficult to stay on top, beyond the much existing competitions.

For this to know, you must SEO completely.  Read below to know.

What is SEO?

SEO is a web page optimisation tool used in major search engines like Google, Bingo etc. it ensures that the site is structured in a way such that the search engines understand it. It allows correctly routing the traffic and improving ranking.

Now wondering why it’s needed? Why is SEO needed?

Well, let’s explain you, why are SEO important for your website and you. SEO helps in attracting the right kind of consumers to the site. Though there are many other digital marketing ways to attract customers like the social media sites, most people rely on search engines as their basic form of navigation.

Search engines attract targeted traffic if you have updated their database with your content. If you haven’t done, though you have great content, you will not be among those fortunate ones to top the search engine. The output of the well-doing companies has proved that SEO plays a vital role in rating and ranking a company or website on the top with its SEO optimisation. Dilate is an organisation, which can be the best example here and which can be of great assistance to you in creating your web page, SEO strategy and optimisation included.

What if SEO isn’t implied?

We all know that SEO’s are smart to find out many topics and throw the output in a jiff, but they aren’t exceptionally smart to check all the sites, which aren’t registered on their databases. With the right SEO, a web page can be taken to great heights, or it could simply bury you beneath.

SEO takes the help of keywords and phrases, words and niches to filter out the right pages, and if your content contains any of them, put in the right way, you have all possibilities of showing up on the top lists., even though your content quality isn’t great!


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Web designing has gained a lot of importance in the recent past. And so when you look around you, there will always be enough companies. But getting only the best web designing company is crucial. You need to look out for options like the Web design company Glasgow for the best marketing and SEO strategy. Let us look at important features of a good web designing company.

Hiring experts: This you will have to check with the HR department of that company to know if the company has professional marketing experts. They will be able to plan ideal strategies that will help your company go places.

SEO: SEO or Search Engine Optimization which plays a vital role in diverting traffic towards your website. It is the inclusion of those particular keywords that people commonly type when searching for something that your company could help in. Having a perfect web designing company that is proficient in SEO is also crucial.

Work Experience: Before starting work with a particular web designer, it is better t check their profiles. Check if they have had enough experience in the field, especially with the kind of company you have. You can also check their past work and decide if you think this particular company or person is fit to design your company’s website or not.

Marketing Strategies: This is yet another crucial factor. The web designing company also needs to be equipped with thorough marketing professionals who can come up with a powerful strategy that can create an impact. The strategies need to be such that they take the concerned field by storm and let everyone know that you have arrived.

On your part, it is usually better when you are prepared before you meet a web designing company. So that you do not end up getting confused. You must have a fair idea of what you are expecting from the web designing company. How you expect the website to affect your business. Also need be sure that what your product is top notch, else no amount of marketing or digital strategies will help you.


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Importance Of Web Design And Things To Consider While Availing The Service

No matter where your new or established business is growing, be it US, Canada, Australia, or Scotland, we all need help from some of the best web designers to make our trade more successful and prominent in the industry. The general notion regarding information put up on the website is, “the more the better”. However, that is certainly not turning out to be the truth as the concepts and technique of advertising as well as sharing information have changed drastically.

Gone are the days when business owners used to simply employ immature website creators and instruct them to upload all their information on the official website of their trade. Today, this has become one of the most crucial steps for making your business highly successful. More and more people are indulging in simple designs that still have powerful messages to attract their target audience. Keeping this need in mind, proprietors are hiring world’s best web design companies to work on their sites and create the most authentic and professional designs to reach their goal.

If you are willing to do the same, here is all that you need to look into.

Things to check in a Web Design Company

Before you start availing their services, ensure to check the following points with a Web Design firm:

  • Pricing: Make sure that you discuss this aspect with the Web Design Company and strike a deal that turns out to be beneficial for both the sides.

  • Performance: It is very important for you to find out what kind of work this firm has produced in the past for other companies and how has the reviews been for the same. This will help you decide if you would like to take their assistance or not.

  • Time aspects: Always discuss in advance about the time required to complete the entire project and ensure to take a commitment from their side. Also try to find out from other businesses whether the company was able to deliver their projects in time or not.

  • Company size: You should remember to check the size of this firm and also find out which companies have been its clients in the past. This will show the reputation of the company, thus helping you further in deciding your call.

For Scotland being a booming Web Designing hub, check out the best website design company in Scotland and get in touch with them if you want to revamp or create your website in the most efficient way.

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