Top Tips For Growing Twitter Followings

Twitter is one of the most famous social media platforms today. It is not just the ordinary people but all your celebrities and even politicians are on Twitter, expressing their thoughts freely.

If you are on Twitter, you must be all too familiar with how one tweet by some famous personality sparked of a totally unnecessary controversy or got the backlash from the public. Then there are these tweet wars where one famous personality tweets something and the offended famous personality retorts with another tweet and this goes on. Not to forget the fuel added by the general public who are following these accounts.

This is one place where famous or ordinary, you are treated alike. Hence this has become the most sought after medium to express one’s views. Anyone can follow anyone on Twitter and there is no problem of privacy, photo sharing, etc, like on Facebook or Instagram.

This has been the main reason Twitter is a preferred medium of expressing for many celebrities and politicians. Here the number of followers you have determines how famous you are.

In order to increase the number of followers you have, one has to tweet regularly and these tweets must be good enough to attract attention. Especially with all the famous personalities taking to twitter, one has a tough competition, to be noticed.

Top Tips

Want more followers, here are some tips to get them easily. One can even Buy twitter followers from here if they want more followers over night. Apart from buying followers, one must do the following too, to get a steady inflow of followers.

  • The content you tweet must be a worthy read, so that people will actually pay attention to it and start following you
  • Use a number of hash tags and the right ones, so that people following those hash tags will get to see your tweet
  • Follow people so that they will follow you back
  • Tweet frequently, so that your account does not get buried under a number of other tweets that keep getting posted every few seconds



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