The Ultimate SEO Strategy

SEO plays an important role in bringing traffic to your website and in creating awareness. Research shows that almost 80% of the people looking for information online will start their search by entering a search query in any of the search engines, usually Google, Yahoo or Bing. Out of this, 75% of the visitors do not browse for search results beyond page 1. Thus, it is important that you carry out an extensive SEO for your website so that it appears in the top 10 search results for any user. Once you get past this hurdle, then the visibility of your website increases, resulting in more traffic, sales and returns.

However, to be at the top of the game, continuous research and understanding of how Google algorithms work is important. To make things simpler there are a few strategies that you can incorporate to improve your overall SEO experience and for more personalized experience check out mail banger.

  1. Perform a complete and thorough SEO Audit of the entire website.
  2. Understand what your users expect from you. Surveys are a good way to handle this part.
  3. Create several landing web pages that is SEO optimized.
  4. Create a mobile version of your website and ensure that it is mobile-friendly.
  5. Create infographics as this will help to increase visitor traffic.
  6. Capture the attention of Google’s rank braid by optimizing content across the site.
  7. Write articles of decent length with approximate 2000 word count.
  8. Include a roundup post on your webpage.
  9. Be active on social media by posting valuable and informative content.
  10. Implement SEO deep linking for internal pages.
  11. For pages with a low ranking, make use of link juice.
  12. Create a link with external sites through high domain authority.
  13. Build links where found to be broken.
  14. Identify and implement SEO keywords from your competitor.
  15. Utilise AdWords copy.
  16. Be generous with keywords in the titles of the SEO pages.
  17. Regularly check Google search console statistics.
  18. Never keep outdated content rather update them periodically to generate more traffic.

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